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Trojan Tailgate Fundraiser

Dinner and Gala Fundraiser for Post Falls High School located in Post Falls, Idaho.

Projects like this allow me to be involved every step of the way from naming the event to the last minute items needed the day of the event. Branding this event was easy, as it was derived from PFH’s colors and symbol. The first three items of this branding package (logo, flyer, and poster design) were on a tight deadline and created in one day. The other items (bidding sheet, auction item sheets, tickets, and station posters) were created over a two-week time frame. Design features include a prominent logo, bold fonts, and an orange/dark gray/ and white color scheme. Note: Every item was created with a white border to encourage cheap production.

Anarae Nowlan

Brand Manager

Anarae Nowlan is a policeman’s daughter, raised in the small town of Gooding, Idaho. From an early age, she was taught the importance of hard work, community, integrity, and everyday kindness. A graphic designer by training, she holds a degree in Visual Communications but is also a brand manager and strategist, marketing guru, accountant, and writer/editor.

Prior to opening Anarae Design Group, Anarae gained extensive experience working with national companies that provide a proven track record of successful brand awareness and marketing. She exudes a professional passion for her work and has worked with businesses around the world to develop and launch brands that create impact. She tackles every project, from design to editorial pieces, with the goal of creating brands that inspire loyalty and change the world. Outside of work, Anarae enjoys spending time with her husband and their kids Grant and Paige, traveling, hiking, drinking coffee, and sipping cabernet sauvignon and Irish whiskey.

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