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To be successful you have to have a team you can trust. You need people in your court you know you can count on, people that feel more like friends than just another vendor. We want to be that, your “branding-expert friend”. We want to build a relationship where we can talk about your business and your kids. Where we can share books and brainstorm new ideas together. We want you to “brain dump” your latest idea on us, and allow us to put the pieces together to make it better than where you started. Hiring us as your “Brand-Expert Friend” on retainer means you get to spend less time thinking about how to tell the story of your brand and more time focusing on why you’re in business. More than that, we want you to get the business stuff done early so you can have time for the things that make life worth living. Time for your kids, yourself, and your hobbies; time for the things that inspire you.

Hiring us on retainer means you’ll save money by spending less on your branding because we will know your brand so intimately that projects will get done in fewer hours. Time is money, and by allowing us to partner with you, you will get to spend more of your time doing the things you do well and that only you can do. Like serving your customers.

The accountant analogy
For example, we don’t do our own accounting because accounting is hard and takes us 5x longer than our “accountant-expert friend”. With the time I save I can be telling your brand story, reading a book, or maybe even sitting by the pool. Plus I love that I have an “Accountant-Expert Friend” to add to my circle.

Let us be your “Brand-Expert Friend”.

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Anarae Nowlan

Brand Manager

Anarae Nowlan is a policeman’s daughter, raised in the small town of Gooding, Idaho. From an early age, she was taught the importance of hard work, community, integrity, and everyday kindness. A graphic designer by training, she holds a degree in Visual Communications but is also a brand manager and strategist, marketing guru, accountant, and writer/editor.

Prior to opening Anarae Design Group, Anarae gained extensive experience working with national companies that provide a proven track record of successful brand awareness and marketing. She exudes a professional passion for her work and has worked with businesses around the world to develop and launch brands that create impact. She tackles every project, from design to editorial pieces, with the goal of creating brands that inspire loyalty and change the world. Outside of work, Anarae enjoys spending time with her husband and their son Grant along with their two beagles, traveling, hiking, drinking coffee, and sipping Canadian and Irish whiskeys.

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